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10 Bad Ass Ways to Say No

Say No

How can one word with two letters be so difficult to say.  I get it.  As women, we’re wired to please and be helpful.  The problem is when we say “yes” to others, we’re often times  saying “no” to ourselves.  We will go the extra mile, stay late, put our wants and needs on the back burner for others. As much as that work ethic produces great results, simultaneously, if you’re not careful, it will wear you out. It will leave you so drained you won’t have the energy to enjoy anything else in your life.  So how does a successful woman pursue everything she desires and still keep herself balanced?
Just say no – without apology.
I’m going to be your “No” Wing-Woman and show you how it’s done. 
1.  I have a strict “no deals with the devil” policy
2.  On a scale of maybe to Donald Trump;  Stop playing.
3.  I just can’t with you.
4. My trusted advisors have come to a unanimous decision of “NO”.
5.  Hell. To. The. No. 
6.  Girl, Bye.
7.  My trusted advisors have come to a unanimous decision of “NO”.
8.  No. (period)
9.  Thy shall not.
10.  If it’s not a “Hell Yes!”, it’s a no.
Life is too short to do things that don’t make you want to jump out of bed in the morning.  
Take the Say No Pledge
I __________________ promise to say no to anything that doesn’t excite me.  
I will say no without apology.  This year, I commit to being completely, compassionately, lovingly honest (even when it’s hard…especially when it’s hard) because I’m not honoring myself—or anyone—when I don’t say what I mean.  I will say yes when I mean yes (truly, madly, deeply, from my heart yes) and I will say no when I mean no (without holding guilt for doing so).
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