Bad-ass black women in the finest fashions, fierce and poised

I am Karen Arrington — Empowerment Coach, Author, Goodwill Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Founder of the Miss Black USA Pageant, and International Philanthropist.

I could keep listing my personal triumphs, accolades & awards.  But I’d rather get right to the point.

I’m here to help women write the new rules of power, opportunity + life-changing confidence.

And I’m here to give women the tools, inspiration & connections they need to redefine their destinies – and defy expectations.

I’ve personally mentored over 1,000 young women – helping them secure life-changing scholarships, pursue global travel opportunities, get into top medical schools, land major modeling contracts, launch multi-city speaking tours, and transform their lives & communities.

I believe that women are our greatest untapped resource, that every girl has a magnificent talent waiting to be discovered, and that CONFIDENCE is the new Black.

is the new black.

Want to know how supermodels, media stars + history-making leaders build up their confidence — and break down impossible barriers? I’ll show you.

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