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50 Shades of Gratitude Challenge


25 Ways to be insanely generous and feel insanely good.

Starting today, join me in 7 days of kick-ass, surprising generosity.

You in? I’m in.

Over the next 7 days, select one of the following twenty-five ways each day to be kick-ass generous. Then post what you did in the comments section below to be eligible for some awesome prizes from moi.

  1. Tweet a coffee to a virtual friend.  Tell them you admire them a latte. 
  2. Record a Vocaroo message for someone you’ve been meaning to thank, for a while.
  3. See an elderly lady on the street or anywhere.  Hand her a bouquet of fresh flowers.
  4. Call up a friend who’s been having a tough time or an extremely busy week.  Say “let me do a chore for you.”  They may cry.
  5. Forgive someone who has hurt you.  And let them know.
  6. Make a playlist of uplifting, positive, soul-affirming tunes. Label it “Listen to this when you need to remember how amazing you are.”  Leave the CD or several copies in a local coffee shop or doctor’s office.
  7. Ask the General Manager of a local hotel in your area to gift a weekend for two to the Principal of a local school.  And drop it off to the Principal with a nice thank you note.
  8. My Fav Four Four Words.  gourmet ice cream delivery.
  9. Pray for someone.  And let them know you did.
  10. Put away your smart phone and close down your inbox for a day (ok, just an hour).  Give the world the gift of your undivided, non-digital attention.
  11. Choose a big name celebrity that you admire and write them a genuine, heartfelt letter of thanks.  Just to say “I love your work and you move me.  No “request” or “ask” or “gimme” attached.
  12. Send a story tip to a local reporter.  (Only if its good news.)
  13. Buy a gift card and keep it in your purse, waiting for the right person to give it to.
  14. The next time someone compliments you.  (Oooh, I love your earrings.).  Just give it to them.
  15. Brew up a big pot of (good) coffee.  Fill up some eco-friendly-ish disposable cups.  Offer free java to everyone at work – or the bus stop.  
  16. Find a blogger whose work you adore.  Send them a love note.  Tell them to keep writing.
  17. Help someone struggling shine like a star.  Sort through your wardrobe.  Pull out your lucky suit, dress, blouse, or charm.  Donate it to Dress for Success
  18. Turn a special photo from your smart phone into a kick-ass postcard.  Mail it.
  19. Compliment 3 strangers. In person.  
  20. Brag about someone to others, while they are standing there listening.
  21. Get your hands dirty by offering to help an elderly person in your neighborhood with their yard work.
  22. Write a thank you letter to a service member who is currently deployed.
  23. Honor someone like it’s their Birthday.  Even though it’s not.
  24. Write a kind note on someone’s Facebook wall.  Telling them how awesome they are.  Use social media positively.
  25. Go to the layaway department of a local store and put down a small deposit towards a stranger’s bill.

Complete a challenge activity and enter it below in the comments section on the day you complete it.  You may earn up to 7 entries in the drawing for prizes.  The Challenge ends at 11:59pm on Sunday, March 1st.  Winners will be announced here on Monday, March 2nd at 12:00noon.

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1) Billie S.

2) Lorissa T.

Let’s keep this movement going.  The world needs more kindness!

Thank you to everyone who participated.  


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