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Why Vision Boards Don’t Work

There’s a better way to smash your goals…

Vision boards have been heralded as some kind of magic bullet to creating our best life. We’re told to plaster images of all of the things we want onto a board and look at it at least once a day in order to help create the lives we truly want.

But, why is it that after hours of staring at our boards our lives still looks the same? Why is it that it just feels empty? The truth is that vision boards don’t work. They mean well and they’re fun to put together. But, they’re not a one-size fits all solution to creating all of the blessings that (should, and) are coming into our experiences.

Vision boards are based in lack and fear. Why is it that we have to look at the things we want in order to believe that they’ll come to us? Why do we need to itemize our achievements in order to feel like we’re worthy of them? Because the alternative is scary.

The alternative is that we live based on faith. The alternative is that we give our dreams over to the One and allow life to unfold before us as He sees fit to get us to our goals or get us to something even better. It means giving up control of our lives and believing that God’s plans are always better than any we can imagine on our own.

The truth is that we can’t see all of the blessings that are rushing towards us or how they’ll actually form in our experience. And that’s a good thing. Because no matter how big we think our dreams are, our imaginations can’t dream big enough to fit all of the possibilities that are actually available to us. And by limiting your life to what you can fit on a piece of poster board, you’re not crafting the life of your dreams, you’re stifling the real possibilities that are waiting to come to you.

Instead of having a traditional vision board, where you’re putting specific items or specific accomplishments onto it. Try having a purpose board or a passion board. Just focus on what you love and what your purpose is and then live on faith that you’ll receive everything you need exactly when you need it.

You’ll find that that’s when the magic truly happens. Things that would have taken years to accomplish now happen effortlessly for you, you’re doing things that you wouldn’t have expected and everything is lining up for you in just the right way. It’s a joyous journey and suddenly, your struggles turn into your greatest sources of strength and blessing and it’s all falling into place.

We can’t create a vision that’s better than the reality our faith can lead us to, if we’ll just let it. So throw away the bucket list, burn the vision boards and scrap the new year’s resolutions. Let faith be your guide and watch what happens. You may just find yourself in a life you’ve never imagined. And that’s pretty liberating.

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