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My Happy Plan for 2015

Staying happy and energized is my #1 business priority.

Because when I feel happy and joyfully obsessed with my work, then I have more creativity + light + love to offer my audience… 

… and more xoxo’s to offer the world.

In my business universe…

Going to work feels like a spiritual calling

Answering emails feel like penning love notes.

Charging $$ feels like tithingSmall investment —> BIG returnBonus:  loud fangirl buzz.

Taking breaks to laugh + play + pray is absolutely essential.

Saying NO to anything x-rated is perfectly fine. Hey, I’m a lady not a Kardashian.

And before committing to ANYTHING, I will ask myself:

Does it feel like bliss or B.S.?  Will it take me out of my comfort zone?  Will it empower others?  Is it aligned with my purpose?  If I can’t contain my excitement… Hell. To. The. Yes.

When it comes to my offerings, products, services and body of work…

Adding Next Level Retreats and spiritual sojourns to Paris, Dubai and Cape Town to my business in 2015 would make me feel like Beyonce on a world tour, prompted by oohh’s and lots of aahhs.  

Subtracting anything not purposeful and people who want something for nothing from my business would make me do a happy dance all over town.  Can you hear Will Pharrell’s Happy playing in your head. 

And if there’s ONE thing that I am COMPLETELY excited about offering to my people in 2015, it is launching a secret girls club for bad-ass spiritual women.  Think:  Massive posse of 25 BFFs like my girl, the bombshell psychologist.  The female version of Dr. Phil but much prettier. 

Starting today, I am making a new business commitment:

Happiness comes first, not last.  

Because when I feel gratitude + reverence + moments of awe, my audience can feel it, too.

 And I want them to feel, sense, experience and see… the very best life + ME.

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