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Issa Book Deal

Next Level Life

I think it pisses God off when we have a book inside us and we don’t write it.

So I did. Manuscript submitted.

On November 4th 2018, I signed my first book deal. Issa tiny inspirational book. Quick read (because we know you’re busy).

Your Next Level Life outlines seven rules of power, confidence, and opportunity for black women—showing readers “how to create all the money you need” through grants, scholarships, awards, sponsorship deals, and entrepreneurial projects, “how to position yourself like a star” featuring tips from a makeup guru whose clientele includes Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey, “how to find your Next Level friends” and connect with powerful women you’ve always dreamed of meeting, and more.

It’s unputdownable.

No more playing small. Ready to level up?

Order your copy today over here.

Pour some bubbly + raise your pretty glass to your next level life!

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