Bad-ass black women in the finest fashions, fierce and poised


Meet the Female Plastic Surgeon Who is, Quite Literally, Changing How We Define Pretty

Dr. Myla

Yassss, this is what a badass plastic surgeon looks like.

I first met Dr. Myla Bennett almost 3 years ago, when I learned of her Preserve Your Pretty campaign and we established a major partnership with my non-profit, Miss Black USA™. I was captivated by the Preserve Your Pretty campaign and saw it as an additional layer of beauty storytelling. The synergy between the two organizations made for an incredible opportunity to partner with Dr. Myla to embrace beauty with a sense of authentic individuality and fearlessness and to continue to break barriers on archaic standards of beauty so that women of all ages feel confident and shine within.

Defying all odds, Dr. Myla Bennett has become one of the most sought after female plastic surgeons on the east coast. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University Medical Center and has been featured in both national and international publications and networks including NBC, Black Enterprise, Bravo Television Network, Radio One, WEtv, and many more. Dr. Myla Bennett is the owner of Ederra Bella Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa®, in Atlanta, and has had the opportunity to work with celebrity clients throughout her career.

There are amazing humans on this earth and Dr. Myla Bennett is one of them.

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