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5 Lessons I Learned From Negotiating a $2.5 Million Deal

Faith Is the Next Big Thing

1)  Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.

2)  Never shrink.  (Even though you’re a nervous wreck and want to crawl under the table and never come out.)  Ever.

3)  If you don’t have an M.B.A. or law degree, you better have Jesus on your side.  (And, put your complete confidence + trust in Him).

4)  No matter how hot the fire seems, the flames will not scorch you as long as He is present.

5)  He will never take you to anything, He won’t bring you through.  Let me repeat that.  He will never take you to anything, He won’t bring you through.  In business or in life.

“Those who trust in the Lord are secure as Mount Zion, they will not be defeated but will endure forever.” — Psalm 125:1

On a scale of zero to the Pope, where’s your faith level. Drop a note in the comments section below and let’s talk faith.

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