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The Ultimate Girl Trip Is Here

The Ultimate Girl Trip of the Year

Last year, I led a group of 100 bad ass spiritual women to the United Arab Emirates. We hopped on an Airbus 380 jetliner from JFK and Washington/Dulles non-stop to Abu Dhabi. Some call it Abu Dhabi, I call it Abu WOW!  Due to high praise, life-changing transformations, sipping 24K gold, and the power of connecting with women who make you better just being in their presence, we’re going back to the Middle East.  

Dubai & Abu Dhabi

A place every woman should experience at least once or twice in her lifetime. Because sometimes, once just isn’t enough.

It’s all going down January 12-18, 2018.

You don’t have to be Queen Bey to experience luxury.

$129 Deposit is all that’s required to reserve your spot.

Are you joining us or Nah?  Get all the dish and reserve your spot *stat*.

Got questions?  Email

See you in in the air for the coolest girl party you’ve ever experienced.

Oh yeah, the royal prince is not included.



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