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Never Call Any Girl Bossy. Ever. Words Matter

Why is it that girls are told they are bossy, but boys are told they have leadership skills.  

“We have too few female leaders.” — Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook

I’m all about empowering girls and the new #bashbossy movement is one that I am uber excited to join.  Sandberg has started a revolution to encourage girls to be leaders in their communities, and I’m in.  #BashBossy.  Labels and words matter. Confident girls are often called the other B-word, and it can keep them from reaching their full potential, says Sandberg.  Let’s stop telling girls their bossy and start telling them they have leadership skills.  Queen Bey, Jennifer Garner, Condoleeza Rice and more have joined the campaign and are using their “girl-power” to squash the other B-word once and for all.  No girl should ever be told she’s bossy.   

Queen Bey showed up, stood up and spoke up.  I’m not bossy. I’m a boss.   I’m speaking up too.  I’m not bossy, I own my power. 

When girls are labeled bossy, they’re often discouraged from speaking up or assuming leadership roles they would succeed in. This hurts everyone in a diverse society.  

Tell us in the comments section below if you’ve ever been called the other B-word, headstrong, pushy, overbearing, controlling, domineering, or authoritarian, and share this post with every girl and woman you know.

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