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Commit to Your Bucket List

abu dhabi

Here’s what I’d like to accomplish this year.

Lead 100 women on a royal journey to the Middle East.

Abu Dhabi
Abu Who?
Abu Dhabi.  It’s  the next BIG thing.
A place every woman must experience at least once in your lifetime.        
It is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and labeled the richest city in the world.  
Compared to its rival Dubai, it has all the oil.  Yep, it really does.
Girl, this is enough to pack your bags.  And did I mention the Arabian Prince that sat at my dinner table during my last visit.  *Blink blink* 
Rolls-Royce, the luxury car brand’s Abu Dhabi dealer is its most successful in the world, and has the busiest bespoke unit. Given a Roller is the king of all cars, that’s not a bad feather to have in your cap.

Scenes for the new Star Wars film were shot here. Enough said. 
The Grand Mosque is one of the most stunning mosques in the world. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque looks like a real-life palace out of Aladdin. 
You have to see it to believe it.  In a nutshell, Abu Dhabi trumps Dubai. 
But you can’t go to the UAE without a one day excursion to Dubai. It’s time to cross it for your Bucket list.  We have done the planning for you so you don’t have to.
Space is limited and will sell-out.  Register here.

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