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9 Things You Should Start Doing on Facebook

You can thank me later.

Facebook is a powerful network, whether you use it to connect with family + friends or network with colleagues + potential business partners.

1. Be authentic. People love people who are real and show their true selves. Do not pull a Bow Wow.

2. If you don’t have anything positive to say, keep silent. It’s pretty scary to think, before Facebook, people were walking around with all these thoughts in their head. People are attracted to people who are positive.

3. Social Network Etiquette. Before sending a friend request, send a quick message introducing yourself. Keep it brief. A simple 25-word intro is sufficient. I do not accept every friend request that I receive. Everyone is not your friend. 

4. Keep your posts short and sweet, except when you really have something to say. People are busy. Posts pictures, like the paparazzi. But not the kind your job or future employer will frown upon or the Facebook PoPo will remove if reported. If your posts are 25 words or less, you should probably be on Twitter. 

5. Fundraize/Magnetize Money. I’ve secured tens of thousands of dollars in sponsorships via Facebook but not by begging. Build relationships with the individuals/organizations you wish to work with. Remember, just like any relationship, friendships are built over time.

6. Qualify Sellers. You wouldn’t let a doctor treat you who doesn’t have a medical degree. Before you buy, ask for at least 3 references (this rule still applies). I only buy from people who are experts in their field and have a successful track record to prove it. Be weary of anyone selling you a quick fix.

7. Lean-in! You don’t need a reason to help someone. The real secret of happiness and success lies in giving of yourself to others. When you help people without the expectation of anything in return, you receive favor. There are a ton of charities and great causes on Facebook who can use your help. Helping is not always financial. You can volunteer your time and/or expertise.

8. Expand Your Network. Don’t surround yourself with people who have your problem.  Connect with people who have your solution. Iron sharpens iron. I am continuously ah-mazed to find + connect with so many incredible people on Facebook. Learning is an on-going process throughout the life cycle. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to be your Mentor. Mentors are not just for kids. They’re for the grown + sexy too.

9. Comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t compare yourself to the people you see in the movies. Their life story is written by scriptwriters, yours is written by God.

10. Most people you see on Facebook are in one of 3 stages: Either going through a storm, coming out of a storm or in middle of one. Be kind. Show compassionate and if you see something out of the ordinary or inconsistent, reach out and ask is everything okay. Too many people are suffering in silence. In the end, we’re all here to serve.



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