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What You Need to Do When a Major US Airport Has a Blackout

No one wants to talk about the BIG Elephant in the Room

But when you travel, ish happens.

Just like that, Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport, the world’s busiest airport lost its power yesterday.

A massive blackout.

Zero electricity.

The terminals looked like a third world country.

Thousands of passengers have the receipts to prove it.

One passenger tweeted “I think the Walking Dead started like this.” Everyone walking around in the dark. 😱

More than one thousand flights were canceled.

Incoming and outgoing flights immediately halted and held on the ground.

Passengers were stranded on aircraft for up to 7 hours with no water. One passenger said when the aircraft ran out of water, the flight crew passed out Diet Coke.

You can’t prevent ish from happening.

You can be prepared if it does.

I’ve racked up over a million frequent flier miles. And I always have a “what if” plan.

Just like when I drive my car to Nordstrom’s at Tyson’s Corner, I don’t expect anything to happen. But, I still pay for auto insurance.

At some point you might, on repeat, “might” be affected by a trip delay, cancelation, lost luggage, or a Trump travel ban and we can now add blackout to the list.

If you haven’t already rushed to purchase travel insurance for your next trip, keep reading. Learn what you can do to navigate through the “what if” something happens scenario and avoid being in your feels.

1. Have the right mindset. What you focus on expands. Focus on the good stuff.

2. Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change. Use this as an opportunity to be of service. The most vulnerable during these times are children and the elderly. So here for the “karmic bonus” points.

3. Keep calm. Pandemania will get you no where (no pun intended).

4. Always carry a mini phone charger with a flashlight, and a portable phone battery charger. Because no matter how grown you are, you gotta call Mom.

5. Write down what you would need if you were in a situation like this. Place these items in your carryon luggage (i.e. medicine, toiletries, hand sanitizer, facial wipes, etc.).

6. Read. You know the best-seller you can’t seem to find the time to read? Now’s the time.

7. Bring snacks. Keep peanut butter crackers, a small pack of almonds, tuna salad in a can, box of juicy juice and a small 6 oz bottle of water in your carryon. All TSA-approved.

8. Call your insurer. Wait, you did purchase travel insurance, didn’t you? If not, always buy trip interruption or cancellation insurance for any travel that would piss you off if you were to lose your investment. Add the “cancel for any reason” option (which must be purchased within first 15 days from your trip purchase) The option is about $20 more, but it’s soooooo worth it.

9. Have enough cash on hand for at least one night’s hotel and meal expense in the event ATMs are shut down and/or you are unable to use a credit card. Because having to sleep at the Atlanta Convention Center where passengers who needed an overnight place to stay were shuttled to is not my thing. Keep your hotel receipts and file for reimbursement through your travel insurer.

10. Smile. Put the tissues away. Sometimes you have to pull yourself together when you want to curl up in a corner and ball your eyes out. Feel better about your life already?

11. Pray. In case you need a reminder. Quickly forms one-person prayer circle.

It’s not a matter of “if” something will happen, it’s a matter of “when”.

Being prepared for the “what if” situations doesn’t mean you’re paranoid or fearful. It means you’re smart. All the chic people are doing it

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