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Becoming: Michelle Obama is a Girl on Fire

“I am the former First Lady of the United States and a descendent of slaves.” It’s important to keep that truth right there.

Forever first lady Michelle Obama is admired for many things, like her unique style (and $4,000 killer gold thigh-high Balenciaga boots), enviable arms, and passion for issues like female empowerment and health and girls education. She’s also known for an often-quoted “they go low, we go high” anthem, which she delivered in 2016 during her speech at the Democratic Convention.

“So little of who I am happened in those eight years—so much more of who I was happened before.”

“This is totally me, unplugged, for the first time,” Obama says in Voice Over”

Becoming isn’t just an intimate documentary about Obama’s personal life. It’s also about how Obama wants to influence and inspire the next generation of girls and young women. Cue: Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire.” During the tour, Obama met hundreds of thousands of girls in big arena talks and small communities where the former First Lady hosted intimate talks with girls all across the country, inspiring them to be unapologetic and to own their power.

“As my mother would say, Michelle and Barack Obama aren’t special,” Obama says. “There are millions of Baracks and Michelle Obamas all over the world.” Becoming debuted on Netflix on May 6.

There are millions of Michelle Obamas. I see them every day at Miss Black USA where 80% of the contestants are in graduate or professional school or already practicing attorneys. They are who’s who of young Black women representing their schools and communities.

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