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What You Need to Do When a Major US Airport Has a Blackout

No one wants to talk about the BIG Elephant in the RoomBut when you travel, ish happens.Just like that, Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport, the world’s busiest airport lost its power yesterday.A massive blackout.Zero electricity. The terminals looked like a third world country.Thousands of passengers have the receipts to prove it.One passenger tweeted “I think the […]

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My Happy Plan for 2015

Staying happy and energized is my #1 business priority.Because when I feel happy and joyfully obsessed with my work, then I have more creativity + light + love to offer my audience… … and more xoxo’s to offer the world.In my business universe…Going to work feels like a spiritual calling. Answering emails feel like penning love notes.Charging $$ […]

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