Confidence is the new black.

Redefine Your World

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The New Rules of Power, Opportunity & Life-changing Confidence

REDEFINE YOUR WORLD is a 10-part digital program designed to radically upLEVEL your self-belief, resilience & commitment to your dreams.

Want to land that major promotion?
I’ll show you how to package your skills like a seasoned media pro.

Want to secure a life-altering scholarship?
I’ll teach you how to dazzle a panel of judges with your poise & conviction — in person, and on paper.

Want to find out what it really takes to make it BIG — in any industry?
I’ll show you how to turn your strengths into SUPER-powers — and connect with mentors, allies & sponsors who want to see you shine.

This is about life-changing CONFIDENCE — building the self-belief to actively pursue your NEXT LEVEL dreams for your career, your lifestyle & your impact on the world.

Coming in early 2017!

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  • Want to know how supermodels, media
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  • redefine YOUR WORLD

    digital e-course

    The New Rules of Power,
    Opportunity & Life-changing


    Claim your talents.
    Challenge your limits.
    Change your destiny.
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