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Karen Arrington

Leading empowerment expert & career design coach for African American women.

Karen Arrington has personally mentored over 1,000 women. Her magnetic personality and seasoned advice on careers, confidence and self-worth leave audiences wanting more. Karen is available for interviews, profiles and expert commentary.

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Looking for an empowerment expert?

I speak to media reps, corporate leaders & audiences of ambitious black women about power, opportunity, self-presentation, service-driven work, and living your best life - only better. If you’re looking for an interview contact, keynote speaker or workshop leader, I’d love to talk to your audience about...

Poise, Power & Packaging.

Want to command attention, land that promotion, dazzle an audience, or score the big scholarship? Talent, intelligence & personal conviction count - but you’ve got to package yourself - from your clothes, to your message, to your posture - to seal the deal. As the founder of The Miss Black USA Pageant, I’ve coached some of the most elegant, glamorous & well-spoken women in the nation — women who are far more than just ‘beauty queens,’ but community leaders, scholars & artists. Want to sharpen your self-presentation? Listen in...


Having personally coached over 1,000 women, I’ve witnessed what can happen when confidence, preparation & talent converge. Think your dream is impossible? I can virtually guarantee that it’s not. And I’ve got the stories to prove it.

Redefining the Black Woman.

We're living in the era of Michelle Obama, Oprah & Beyonce. For the first time in history, black women are holding positions of power, authority & affluence in nearly every major industry. But we've still got work to do - and young women need highly-visible role models, more than ever. So - what's next, for black women? And how can we all step into our NEXT LEVEL lives?

For the media headshots & quotables

"women are our greatest untapped resource."

"CONFIDENCE is the new Black."

"There's a void in the African American world. We need role models. Much more of them. And soon."

"SUCCESS is what happens when confidence, preparation & talent converge."

"Make no secret about your ambitions."

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