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Superwoman, Yes, I’m Talking to You

As Black women, we’ve spent our lives witnessing our mothers, matriarchs and mentors be strong and sturdy, like rocks. And we aspire to be like them daily. We frequently hear from our families and friends. “You’re strong,” or “you’ve been through storms before,” or “you just have to pray and trust God.” You probably have […]

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This Girls Trip Completely Changed My Life

My life completely changed when I traveled with 100 bad ass spiritual women to the Middle East last year. I’m talking going from eating regular meals to eating 24K gold. Literally. BTW, I increased my rates when I returned to the states. Living like a Queen in a 5-star resort hotel will do that to […]

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The Ultimate Girl Trip Is Here

The Ultimate Girl Trip of the YearLast year, I led a group of 100 bad ass spiritual women to the United Arab Emirates. We hopped on an Airbus 380 jetliner from JFK and Washington/Dulles non-stop to Abu Dhabi. Some call it Abu Dhabi, I call it Abu WOW!  Due to high praise, life-changing transformations, sipping […]

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Gang of 7

#SquadGoalsFifty-one states including the District of Columbia were represented at this year’s Miss USA contest.7 out of the 51 Contestants were Black.They were like a really small gang.They came to slay and wouldn’t go away.5 made Top 101 made Top 3 and took the crown.Congratulations to Kara McCullough of the District of Columbia on her […]

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If You Want 2017 To Be Your Year

Take all the crazy experiences and lessons and place them in a box labeled “Thank you! Be kind, and spread that ish like confetti. Do something every day for the first time. Like when you were 2. Shake things up. You weren’t born to be normal. Show more gratitude. Don’t sit on the couch and […]

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Don’t sign a hotel contract without this clause

The blizzard of 2016, aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and terrorist attacks in Paris and Mali have reinforced the importance of planning for the “what if” before signing a hotel or venue contract “as-is.”.  BTW, you should never sign a hotel or venue contract “as is”. Ever.  Hotel and venue contracts are most always written one-sided. […]

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Why Aiming for Six Figures is B.S.

The six figure income has become the universal life goal of the internet-y. We hear about it all the time on every success, business and money blog: “how I made 6 figures in 6 months”, “the secret to a six figure income”, “ six figures…..FILL IN THE BLANK”, blah blah blah. As if everyone’s life […]

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Heads Up: Your Health Insurance Might Owe You a Refund

*scrambles to inbox*If you’re like most people, you didn’t know you could be getting a rebate on your health insurance premiums this year. I just got mine in the mail. Here’s why? oOne major, yet little known, requirement of the Affordable Care Act (health care reform) was that a major medical health insurance plan be […]

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Female Veterans Rock:  An Interview with Superwoman Parthenia Warford

The woman who keeps on serving. At 17, she was a teen Mom, told she would never be anything. Determined not to be another statistic, Parthenia Warford did what every Super-hero does, she kicked life’s butt and rose through the ranks of the US Army. Through her non-profit, the Warford Foundation, she is using her […]

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10 Bad Ass Ways to Say No

How can one word with two letters be so difficult to say.  I get it.  As women, we’re wired to please and be helpful.  The problem is when we say “yes” to others, we’re often times  saying “no” to ourselves.  We will go the extra mile, stay late, put our wants and needs on the […]

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