Confidence is the new black.

Don’t sign a hotel contract without this clause

hurricane copyThe blizzard of 2016, aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and terrorist attacks in Paris and Mali have reinforced the importance of planning for the “what if” before signing a hotel or venue contract “as-is.”.  BTW, you should never sign a hotel or venue contract “as is”. Ever.  

Hotel and venue contracts are most always written one-sided.  Guess who they are written to protect?

You do not have to be a lawyer to negotiate a hotel or venue contract.  However, you do need to be aware of the basic elements of a hotel contract, what each clause means, and how it may affect your bottom line.

Remember, everything is negotiable.

One of the most important clauses in a hotel or venue contract is the “force majeure” clause.

force majeure // n. – (French for superior force).  impossible to perform.

A “force majeure” clause is a provision in a hotel or venue contract that relieves both parties from performing their contractual obligations when disaster strikes or certain circumstances arise beyond their control.  

Draft a “force majeure” clause with the following elements:
Anticipate events that could happen beyond your control such as natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes sometimes referred to as “acts of God.”  Other events or crisis may include war, terrorism or threats of terrorism, civil disorder, labor strikes or riots,  travel disruptions, disease outbreaks.  Think. 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Ebola.  Any of these events may prevent attendees from travel and or attendance at your meeting or event.  Always take into consideration the geographic location of your event.  What types of weather related incidents are are common for the event or meeting location.  

In today’s environment, there are more than not many instances or events that could affect your non-performance of the contract, that may not be listed within the general definition of force majeure.  Think:  change of state flag, remodeling or deterioration of a hotel property.  While not all events and unforeseeable events can be covered or anticipated, a concluding phrase such as “any and other events including emergencies or non-emergencies” should be added to clause.  

Are you responsible for booking meeting space or hotels?  Do you sign your contracts as is?  This is your secret weapon.

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Why Aiming for Six Figures is B.S.

The six figure income has become the universal life goal of the internet-y. We hear about it all the time on every success, business and money blog: “how I made 6 figures in 6 months”, “the secret to a six figure income”, “ six figures…..FILL IN THE BLANK”, blah blah blah.

As if everyone’s life goals, ambitions and dreams can fit neatly into a six figure box. I’m over here thinking “why limit yourself?”

The universe has unlimited abundance for all of us. All we have to do is ask (AKA dream) and then live with faith and passion until we receive. I want you to read one of the most profound and truthful poems about this exact topic I’ve ever read.

“I bargained with Life for a penny,
And Life would pay no more,
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store;

For Life is just an employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why, you must bear the task.

I worked for a menial’s hire,
Only to learn, dismayed,
That any wage I had asked of Life,
Life would have paid.”

— Jessie B. Rittenhouse

Have you ever heard of The Residence? It’s an apartment in the sky.  The cost is $40,000 round-trip.  Do the math.  Six figures will not get you many trips.

Life will give you what you ask for. Don’t sell yourself short. When we get overly specific about our goals, we’re limiting what is possible, what we can receive and how we can receive it.

Find your why and run with it.  The clouds will part in your favor.  

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Commit to Your Bucket List

abu dhabi

Here’s what I’d like to accomplish this year.

Lead 100 women on a royal journey to the Middle East.

Abu Dhabi
Abu Who?
Abu Dhabi.  It’s  the next BIG thing.
A place every woman must experience at least once in your lifetime.        
It is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and labeled the richest city in the world.  
Compared to its rival Dubai, it has all the oil.  Yep, it really does.
Girl, this is enough to pack your bags.  And did I mention the Arabian Prince that sat at my dinner table during my last visit.  *Blink blink* 
Rolls-Royce, the luxury car brand’s Abu Dhabi dealer is its most successful in the world, and has the busiest bespoke unit. Given a Roller is the king of all cars, that’s not a bad feather to have in your cap.

Scenes for the new Star Wars film were shot here. Enough said. 
The Grand Mosque is one of the most stunning mosques in the world. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque looks like a real-life palace out of Aladdin. 
You have to see it to believe it.  In a nutshell, Abu Dhabi trumps Dubai. 
But you can’t go to the UAE without a one day excursion to Dubai. It’s time to cross it for your Bucket list.  We have done the planning for you so you don’t have to.
Space is limited and will sell-out.  Register here.
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Heads Up: Your Health Insurance Might Owe You a Refund

*scrambles to inbox*

If you’re like most people, you didn’t know you could be getting a rebate on your health insurance premiums this year. I just got mine in the mail.

Here’s why?

oOne major, yet little known, requirement of the Affordable Care Act (health care reform) was that a major medical health insurance plan be required to spend at least 80-85% of collected premium dollars on member medical care. This is the law’s so-called “medical loss ratio” rule. Now, every year, insurers who don’t meet this medical loss ratio (MLR) requirement have to refund the difference to policyholders.

Why are health insurers sending these rebates to some of their customers?

Health care reform (Obamacare) required health insurers to limit what they spend from the monthly premiums they collect from policyholders on overhead. The law requires 80-85 cents of every dollar an insurer brings in through member premiums, be paid to cover medical expenses for the plan’s members. The difference between the insurer payments for medical expenses and the total incoming premiums are known as the insurance company’s “medical loss ratio.” And, the insurers that spend less than 80-85% of premiums on medical care have to pay customers back in the form of a refund.

BTW, if you’re on Linkedin, you may be eligible to receive up to $1500 in a class action lawsuit they have agreed to settle.
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Why Vision Boards Don’t Work

There’s a better way to smash your goals…

Vision boards have been heralded as some kind of magic bullet to creating our best life. We’re told to plaster images of all of the things we want onto a board and look at it at least once a day in order to help create the lives we truly want.

But, why is it that after hours of staring at our boards our lives still looks the same? Why is it that it just feels empty? The truth is that vision boards don’t work. They mean well and they’re fun to put together. But, they’re not a one-size fits all solution to creating all of the blessings that (should, and) are coming into our experiences.

Vision boards are based in lack and fear. Why is it that we have to look at the things we want in order to believe that they’ll come to us? Why do we need to itemize our achievements in order to feel like we’re worthy of them? Because the alternative is scary.

The alternative is that we live based on faith. The alternative is that we give our dreams over to the One and allow life to unfold before us as He sees fit to get us to our goals or get us to something even better. It means giving up control of our lives and believing that God’s plans are always better than any we can imagine on our own.

The truth is that we can’t see all of the blessings that are rushing towards us or how they’ll actually form in our experience. And that’s a good thing. Because no matter how big we think our dreams are, our imaginations can’t dream big enough to fit all of the possibilities that are actually available to us. And by limiting your life to what you can fit on a piece of poster board, you’re not crafting the life of your dreams, you’re stifling the real possibilities that are waiting to come to you.

Instead of having a traditional vision board, where you’re putting specific items or specific accomplishments onto it. Try having a purpose board or a passion board. Just focus on what you love and what your purpose is and then live on faith that you’ll receive everything you need exactly when you need it.

You’ll find that that’s when the magic truly happens. Things that would have taken years to accomplish now happen effortlessly for you, you’re doing things that you wouldn’t have expected and everything is lining up for you in just the right way. It’s a joyous journey and suddenly, your struggles turn into your greatest sources of strength and blessing and it’s all falling into place.

We can’t create a vision that’s better than the reality our faith can lead us to, if we’ll just let it. So throw away the bucket list, burn the vision boards and scrap the new year’s resolutions. Let faith be your guide and watch what happens. You may just find yourself in a life you’ve never imagined. And that’s pretty liberating.
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If You Believe 3-Day Challenge

Channel Your Inner-Dorothy + Claim Your Divine Power + Change Your Destiny


I believe that every woman has untapped power, just waiting to be discovered.

Dorothy was on to something.  Faith + Self-belief

So, let me ask you, on a scale of o-ye-little-faith to off-the-charts, what’s your belief level?

3 Days of Spiritual enlightenment to claim your power and challenge your limits.  

Day 1:  If You Believe – How BIG do you want to live?  Elevate faith + amplify your power.

Day 2:  Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News – Guide to inner peace + daily ritual to reduce stress.

Ease on Down The Road – You can’t do it alone.  Who’s in your “Power Entourage”, a tight-knit inner circle of women who surround you with positivity and inspiration.

Each morning, you will receive a 30-sec audio message along with a power-provoking question from me straight to your in-box.

Warning: May cause miracles!

Win Prizes:  All things sparkly.  Like bubbly champagne, ruby red velvet cupcakes with sprinkles, gift cards and other goodies.

It’s all FREE.  Join the 3-Day Challenge Beginning on Dec. 7, 2015  here.  


Congratulations to everyone who participated in our fun + faith-filled “If You Believe” 3-Day Challenge!   May your faith be elevated to new heights and you rein in a year of health, wealth and prosperity in the New Year!  A Special Thank You to Love Bottle USA for being on of our Ozsome sponsors!

Drum roll… Our 5 Prize Winners Are:

Christina Johnson
Shanya Smith
Parthenia Warford
Tikvah Kolbow
Demitrea Kelley

Please claim your prize by providing your shipping address to:  Please put “Prize Winner” in subject line. 

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Chic Happens: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Your Girl Squad — and All Under $100

This way to 10 super-chic gift ideas for her.

Not sure what to get the gal in your life?  Whether you’re shopping for your sister, BFF, co-worker-it-girl or yourself (admittedly, this is definitely me), I  found the most awe-mazing gifts to give this holiday!

Click through to see them all.  Happy Shopping!

1.  Go ahead, give her hardworking iPhone the love she deserves with the prettiest charger around. I promise it’ll go right to her head in all the right ways.  The Power Trip – Florabunda includes a 60″ 8-pin to USB nylon cord, a wall plug, and car charger packaged in a cute box.

2.  Women have the power.  No apologies or holds barred, this accessory piece tells it like it is.  Grab the Ladies Choice Commuter “Vote Female” mug while supplies last + before it becomes a collector’s item.

3.  She will turn her bedroom into the land of nod with Am I Dreaming, an aromatherapeutic sleep/relaxation kit from alternative health practitioner Dr. Sharon.  The Insomniac’s Dream includes essential oils, an under-the-pillow dispenser, and a scented candle.

4.  Set of 3 freshwater pearl stretch bracelets. Includes 7x8mm natural color peach, pink, and white cultured freshwater pearls.  The gift that keeps on giving.  TARA Pearls is donating 10% of the purchase price to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

5.  Thrill your vegetable-loving girls.  The Vegetable Box, shaped like a mini produce crate, contains 14 tiny cookbooks (with titles like Carrots and Leeks and Corn and Tomatoes) and dozens of sumptuous recipes.

6.  First it must feel good, then it must look good, says Elsa Peretti of her designs for Tiffany & Co.  She did that with this chic + stylish red lacquer ballpoint pen. This limited edition pen won’t last long.

7.  In Italy, “The Foodie,” celebrates the best of the best with simple, textural pieces for kitchen prep and entertaining.  Coffee is always a good idea in this Buon Gustaio Caffee Latte Mug.   She will love it a latte.

8.  For the social butterfly!  When she walks in a room, everyone notices.  When she leaves, these luxe business cards are a must at any networking even.  Don’t let her leave home without them.  She’s the network She’ll thank you for this Gift Card.  And, you can thank me later. 

9.  She’s busy.  I get that.  And so does Fancy Hands, the answer to getting ish done.  Gift her some time with Fancy Hands Virtual Assistants so she can take back her time with her new found freedom.  They will tackle anything on her to-do-list.   

10. Whatever her personality, Sesame Gifts have you covered.  From sundae fundays to indulgent escapes, they offer gifts that perfectly match her personality so you know she’ll love it.  It’s not just a carefully custom + curated package, it’s an experience. 

P.S.  The best gift you can give this holiday is to invest in yourself.  If you’re ready to evolve into the highest version of yourself, then I encourage you to apply for Boss Society, a secret society for bad ass spiritual women. Open for a limited time over here.
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Victoria Secret Model Rocks the Runway with TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)

There’s something about a woman with short hair that screams power.


HerStoryMaker:  Meet Victoria Secret Model Maria Borges, the first Angel to rock her natural afro hair on the VS runway. Ever.

This was the Angolan-born beauty’s 3rd #VSFS in a row.  Maria previously rocked shoulder-length tresses in previous shows.  However, she told her agent, “I want to walk in the Victoria Secret show with my natural hair.”  And the rest is history.

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show airs Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 10:00PM EST. on CBS.

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Female Veterans Rock:  An Interview with Superwoman Parthenia Warford

The woman who keeps on serving.

At 17, she was a teen Mom, told she would never be anything. Determined not to be another statistic, Parthenia Warford did what every Super-hero does, she kicked life’s butt and rose through the ranks of the US Army. Through her non-profit, the Warford Foundation, she is using her girl-power to help single mothers and military-widowed with financial assistance, scholarship opportunities and much needed support. To date she has provided educational and financial assistance to more than 300 women.  I had a chance to talk with Parthenia about her life journey, and the interview left me in tears. I was so inspired by her heart, spirit and determination, and hope her story will inspire you too.

What is your BIG why? 

 My two daughters. They are my rock. I had my first daughter when I was a junior in high school. It’s important to remember children will repeat what they see. I was determined she would not repeat the cycle. After giving birth, I took two weeks off, graduated on time and enlisted in the U.S. Army.

Only two weeks off?  I’m always amazed at the sacrifices Mothers make for their children. Did you ever think about going to college?

Yes! I took off only 2 weeks. Determined to do what most said I would never do, I did attend college as a single Mom with little to no support.  I earned an Associate’s degree, Bachelors and 2 Masters degrees.

Raise Your Hands in the Air!  Never say never.

So Why Did You Start The Warford Foundation?

I’ve always had a servant’s heart. I wanted a way to continue to serve an often vulnerable and forgotten population. As a single mother who raised both my daughters on my own, who are now college graduates, it was a way to help other single Moms and military-widowed receive the support that I didn’t have.

Your work is not only inspirational but life-changing. Do you have a need for volunteers and/or other support?

Absolutely! We can always use volunteer support and have a number of exciting volunteer opportunities available.  We are also currently accepting nominations for vacancies on our Board of Directors.  

How can interested individuals or corporate parters reach you?

They may e-mail or visit our website at

What are some of the challenges you face as a Veteran?

I am permanently disabled. I suffer from PTSD, Severe Depression and Rhnematoid Arthritis.

I’m in awe of the tremendous sacrifices you have made for the benefit of others and surprised by your transparency and how open you are about your health status.

There is a stigma attached to mental health, especially in the African American community. Yet, it’s more common than most believe. I’ve found that the strongest women suffer silently. I hope that by openly sharing my story, I will empower other women to seek help.

Can you share more about your experience with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

There were 2 significant events that contributed to my PTSD. The first was being the last family member to see my grandfather before he was murdered. I was 20-years-old and living in St. Louis. It happened one year to the date I enlisted in the Army. The second was on September 11, the day of the terrorist attacks on America. I was working at the Pentagon at the time for Army Intelligence Deputy and Assistant Chief of Staff generals (3-star and 2-star). My two senior enlisted noncommissioned officer mentors who lost their lives, were in a meeting in the location where the airplane hit the Pentagon. I was traumatized by these horrific events and the tremendous loss.

I’m so sorry for your loss. It was a difficult time for all of America to grip with what happened on 9/11.

Yes, and thank God, I had an appointment that day or I would of been at the Pentagon at the time of the attack. 

Praise God your life was saved.  Thank you so much for sharing your awe-inspiring journey. I salute you. And America salutes you for your untiring and selfless service that keeps on giving.

It was my pleasure. Thank you for your work empowering girls and women everywhere and sharing my story.

To learn more about Parthenia Warford and how she’s using her girl-power to empower single mothers and military-widowed, visit You can also catch her interview today at 6:30pm (EST) on WHUR’s “The Daily Drum”.
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10 Bad Ass Ways to Say No

Say No

How can one word with two letters be so difficult to say.  I get it.  As women, we’re wired to please and be helpful.  The problem is when we say “yes” to others, we’re often times  saying “no” to ourselves.  We will go the extra mile, stay late, put our wants and needs on the back burner for others. As much as that work ethic produces great results, simultaneously, if you’re not careful, it will wear you out. It will leave you so drained you won’t have the energy to enjoy anything else in your life.  So how does a successful woman pursue everything she desires and still keep herself balanced?
Just say no – without apology.
I’m going to be your “No” Wing-Woman and show you how it’s done. 
1.  I have a strict “no deals with the devil” policy
2.  On a scale of maybe to Donald Trump;  Stop playing.
3.  I just can’t with you.
4. My trusted advisors have come to a unanimous decision of “NO”.
5.  Hell. To. The. No. 
6.  Girl, Bye.
7.  My trusted advisors have come to a unanimous decision of “NO”.
8.  No. (period)
9.  Thy shall not.
10.  If it’s not a “Hell Yes!”, it’s a no.
Life is too short to do things that don’t make you want to jump out of bed in the morning.  
Take the Say No Pledge
I __________________ promise to say no to anything that doesn’t excite me.  
I will say no without apology.  This year, I commit to being completely, compassionately, lovingly honest (even when it’s hard…especially when it’s hard) because I’m not honoring myself—or anyone—when I don’t say what I mean.  I will say yes when I mean yes (truly, madly, deeply, from my heart yes) and I will say no when I mean no (without holding guilt for doing so).
Share the Pledge.
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